Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our first post!

Welcome to our blog! This is our very first post and we are very excited to be launching our own blog! Let us start by introducing ourselves. MS Jewelry Design was created by two cousins, Melissa and Sarah (That's us!). For as long as we can remember we have had a passion for beads and jewelry making. We have always made jewelry for ourselves, friends, and family members. Several years ago our family suggested that we think about turning our hobby into a business. We loved creating jewelry for others and especially enjoyed making jewelry for weddings. This was when MS Jewelry Design was born. We sell our items at craft fairs all over New Jersey and have recently set up our own online store on Etsy. We specialize in creating jewelry using swarovski crystals, pearls, rhinestones, and more. Check out our site at Be sure to follow our blog for the latest updates, contests, new items, and more! Thanks for stopping by!

Melissa and Sarah


  1. You have some beautiful pieces in your Etsy store. I love the Aqua Dreams bracelet!

  2. Gorgeous pieces. A suggestion if I may, how about giving us a 'blinkie' to place on our blogs for interested parties to click on and visit you?

  3. Wow!! This is great stuff. Off to check out more...